The story begins

The adventure began on a large island. Thomas, a human cleric of Farlangn, had begun his traveling pilgrimage accompanied by three childhood friends, Kamai, an elven fighter from his own hometown, and Malhavoc, an elven sorcerer, and Sirius, a human wizard from the nearby town of Sur.

Early on in this journey the group happened upon a small village of Wayside. Talking with the local innkeeper, Jack, the group discovered the villagers have recently heard strange noises coming from the forest, and dark figures moving at its edges; they made an examination of the forest, where they met Osaka, a half-elf ranger, but found nothing in the forest. The party decided to stay at the inn for the night, Osaka returned to the forest.

During the night they heard a scream from the edge of the forest. Andrew was in a panic, as one of his sons had been taken during the night by a dog-like creature. Racing into the forest, they found a cave. After defeating two Krenshar, the group rescued the boy, and left the Krenshar pups to the will of nature.

On the return trip, they discovered a temple, but were confused, as this large ruined temple occupied the location that held only a small clearing on their earlier inspection of the forest.

Heading into the ruined temple, it appeared to be a temple to Pelor and Farlangn, but suspicions were aroused when a trap door opened to a lower level, which contained several implements for torture, and carried a forboding air. Returning to the ground floor, the group was met by a group of barbarians, lead by Erek the Eloquent.

These barbarians told the group that they were here to destroy this temple. Thomas, not wanting a holy site destroyed, argued against this. He changed his mind, however, when Erek’s men struck the fresco depicting an image of Pelor and Farlangn with hands joined together in a victorious pose, revealing an image of Vecna. The group agreed not to stand in the barbarians’ way, and discovered that there were similar temples appearing on the continent. Offering help to the barbarians if needed, the group returned to the inn.

The next morning the group purchased supplies and left the town with the supply caravan. Michael, the son of the Innkeeper, joined the caravan to become an adventurer, despite his father’s urging against such.


The story begins

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