Searching for a cure

Following a lead and information Elias had gathered, the party arrives at a Ruined castle—it is here they hope to find a cure for Elias’s family, who have been turned undead. They leave Elias’s family in the reinforced carriage, and begin searching. The castle itself has been mostly destroyed, but the party finds a trap door that leads to subterranean levels.

While exploring, the party happens upon Zadoc, a human who claims he is looking for his friend, Bozridan. Though questioned, the party eventually trusts (or distrusts, in the case of Malhavoc and Thomas) Zadoc enough to want to keep him nearby; he joins the party.

Within the castle the group finds several paintings depicting the same man – Zadoc reacts strangely to the paintings, including one that appears as if the man is cupping his hands at the painting and looking out. After multiple instances, the party finally insists that Zadoc explain himself – he is a law official from a nearby town, and has been following this man, Bozridan, who caused much trouble and swindled many in the town, and even poisoned the town’s well on his way out. Zadoc is confused and bothered by the paintings of this man that seem to be in every few rooms of the castle.

The party continues exploring, finding books of starcharts with pages bookmarked, and a notebook. The notebook explains a man’s experimental efforts to turn living beings into undead and control them, and one particular entry haughtily refers to a series of pages in the starcharts, and having captured “his avatar.” These starcharts depict the usual arrangements of stars and planets, and one star, “Larethian,” goes missing near the end of the series.

Jules suddenly goes missing.

At this point the party had seemingly reached a dead end—they had explored all rooms of the castle, were unable to find Jules, unable to find any secret passages, and were stumped by a few artifacts in one of the rooms which appeared to be a puzzle. Kamai, however, rushes to the puzzle-room and in a moment of insight solves the puzzle, which created a portal in the large floor-to-ceiling painting of a man distantly sitting on a throne. This portal opens into a throne room, just as depicted in the painting.

The man on the throne calls down to the group; as if he knows one of them, he asks if he “will now join” his efforts. Immediately Kamai turns and attacks the group. The group struggles against Kamai and the Sorcerer on the throne, and during the battle the Sorcerer calls down, and (referring to Kamai) asks if he had ever seen his aspect. With a chant, Kamai’s jaw unhinges, and a large, pale, beetle-like monstrosity crawls out, as if shedding its skin. To add to the confusion, a wiry, dark haired man with small horns appears – Bozridan, the man from the paintings. He calls to the group as if he knows them. Right behind Bozridan, Jules appears from the wall; both join the fight alongside the party.

Defeating the Sorcerer and beetle, the group investigates the throne room, finding an ornamental orb atop the throne that has several spheres of light, including one particularly bright one, circling within. They study it, finding it to be similar to a lich’s phylactery; they shatter the orb upon the ground, and the spheres of light scatter from the room.

Returning outside, they discover Elias’s family has been released from their zombie curse. In appreciation, Elias invites the party to follow him to his home village, expecting they will arrive shortly before the village’s annual celebration begins.


Searching for a cure

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